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The Story of bokehgo


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You are the story, we are the storytellers.

There is no one way to tell a story, and with extensive experience in making short films, we will work in an adaptable manner to ensure we create your story with the resources and budget that suits your needs.

Your film might be anything from short snippet films to engage people into your social media, to longer portfolio films to showcase your organisation/ project in a captivating and cinematic way.

Formats we tend to follow are:

Montage - A variety of cinematic imagery of your business/ event, composed to licensed track. The visuals can be filmed in a candid documentary way, or as a more composed setup. Graphics can also be added on to highlight key messages.

These films are popular for website/ social media banners, a general publicity intro, hype during/ after an event and as a way to generally turn heads.

Here are some examples of Bokehgo's reknowed montage film

Bokehgo Showreel - Leeds Jurassic Trail - Leeds International Festival - Woven Festival

Signature Voiceover / Interview Film

Utilising the cinematic power of the montage film, we add an extra layer using voiceover/ interviews to create an engaging narrative to your film.

These films are great for giving a deep insight into your story, and add a human feel through the voice. Fantastic for getting messages across and showcasing your project/ business/ story.

Something A Bit Different

The Process


Bokehgo is a film focused studio, but will often be happy to add additional photography to any project. Utilising the same approach as for our film content, we look to do a more natural look. Photos can be a great accompaniment to any film and often work well through social media and 

Social Engagement and Community Projects

Bokehgo believes in working to bring together people in positive and progressive ways. We look to empower communities and catalyse social cohesion. We believe our films and photography can become integral windows looking into the soul of humanity. In this way, the camera has the incredible power to link distant people through the stories and lives of each other. Empathy and kindness are massively supported by understanding and association.

Alongside larger projects, Bokehgo can offer approaches of social engagement in order to really connect people and embed the resulting film(s) within their hearts and minds. This can take the shape of longer residencies, working with a community over a long time, establishing trust and bringing heartfelt stories to the surface, it can involve conducting events, such as premieres and mini film festivals, it can involve engagment through physical happenings, and/or ongoing campaigns online. When working on a larger project around people, I encourage an accompanying social engament project in order to underpin the resulting film with a foundation of passion from the community, giving it a legacy that will resonate far and wide.

Particular examples of this way of working consist of Doe Lea and Mansfield Textile Film.

Video Editing

Immersed Event Coverage




When you commission films or photography

So the process could not be more easy:

Step 1 - Get in Touch

Give us an email to let us know if you are thinking about a film, we will then discuss what you are looking for and how we can make it as amazing as it deserves to be

Step 2 - Planning

We will come up with a strategy to ensure we can create a film that showcases the exact story you want to tell, representing you with authenticity and integrity, capturing all of your key messages, and with a stunning visual appearance to match.

Step 3 - Lights, Camera, Action

We will film across the sites and times decided upon in the planning stage and capture a wealth of imagery that eill turn heads.

Step 4 - The Edit

This is where we will bring together

Step 5 - Perfection

Step 6 - Next Steps

We will be happy to support your launch of your film in whatever format that may take. Bokehgo stands by our work, and we are always excited to help promote anything we create. And, perhaps you have even more stories to tell. If so, you will be so happy with your film, and enjoyed the process so much, you will be looking to make your next film, and we will be ready.

Rates - we create a bespoke quote

As Bokehgo we believe in giving all people their own piece of cinema. We go above and beyond on all projects to ensure we showcase you down to the very beating heart of what your story is. We do this whilst ensuring to keep prices incredibly low.

We create a bespoke quote to fit to your needs, and we always find a way to work to budgets big and small. Making your film project is a collaborative process, and together we will ensure it works to your needs, budgets and aspirations.

As part of Bokehgo's social agenda, we offer additional discounts to charities, non-for-profits, social enterprises, and for particular generous causes.

Also at this time, we are offering additional support to businesses majorly affected by COVID-19, in the the form of discounts, payment arrangments and support where we can as a small business ourselves.

However you are, when we embark on a film project together, we do so with a promise: to give you absolute value, quality, authenticity and originality as we shine a spotlight onto you in the way you deserve.




BOKEHGO is very proud to have worked with a huge variety of incredible people and organisations including:








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