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I am very pleased to be looking at the next stages to Bokehgo, to look at how it can encourage talent within film, and grow the impact of the studio. I am searching for freelance filmmakers to work alongside me on projects. For now I am looking for freelance partnerships, with the view to building strong working bonds that can shape the future of the studio.


I am looking for freelance practitioners within the fields of:


- Camera Operation

- Editing and Post Production

- Sound Mixing and Mastering

As a self-taught filmmaker, I welcome applications from people, whatever stage in their film journey they may be. What is key is that I am looking for people with passion, enthusiasm and unrelenting energy for both making film, but also for social empowerment, those who share a vision for film as an ethical and empowering medium, made for those whose voices deserved to be heard.

This is an informal open call out for freelance filmmakers. If you would like to work with Bokehgo, please email, including information around the following:

- Your contact details

- Personal Statement including what drives you in filmmaking, and your ambitions

- Relevant Experience and Portfolio links/ attachments


Studio Bokehgo is an independent artisan, film studio with a remit of empowering ethical, creative and inspiring organisations, individuals, and initiatives, by shining a spotlight on them and bringing to surface the voice that makes them unique. Bokehgo is here to tell the stories that deserve to be told.

Bokehgo looks past the camera, to the social engagement and interactivity that exists beyond the silver screen and works to establish platforms that can see ongoing community development and growth. Bokehgo is a catalyst to unlock the potential within so many people, and to share that potential far and wide.

Studio Bokehgo works with charities, social enterprises, local authorities, independent business, artists and individuals, and always pursues to get under the surface of any subject to discover the true beating heart within.

John Slemensek is the director and core filmmaker for Studio Bokehgo. I have 12 years experience working within the art of creative storytelling and have worked within various marketing and social media management roles, including Marketing Director for British Dodgeball, the National Governing Body for the sport of dodgeball for 2 years. My creative and marketing backgrounds inform all that I create, allowing for dynamic and unique films and photography that are underpinned by marketing understanding.

As Bokehgo, I continuously work to tell stories in innovative and exciting ways, but ever in touch with a very core honest human feel.



As a film studio, one of the only things more important than the cameras and computers are our ethics and morals.

We are here to tell stories with integrity and honesty. Storytelling as a platform is extremely powerful, and every day we value our responsibility to those we are making our films for, from the client, to the audience, to make them as they deserve to be made.


Bokehgo is looking for filmmakers who will always put people first. Due to the scope of our work, we can be working with extremely sensitive subjects, as well as with vulnerable adults and young people. It is of the greatest importance that you have an abundance of respect, patience, and care for people.


Bokehgo believes in telling stories across all cultures and backgrounds. Bokehgo is hugely aware of its responsibility to tell stories with honesty, integrity, and diversity. We encourage applications from any background as we welcome all people to help us tell stories in the best way possible. We continually wish to look at the world with fresh eyes and perspectives so we can ensure we are doing things in the best way we can.


Important Notes

I would like to emphasise that this is for no specific role, this is to build freelance partnerships. However, work opportunities could be starting immediately.


I would encourage applications from filmmakers based in Yorkshire, as the majority of our work for the moment is located in Yorkshire, however, I am more than happy to receive applications from further afield.


Thank you for your time in reading this callout for applications.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me at

I very much look forward to receiving your application



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