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Let’s make some cinematic magic.




My name is John Slemensek-Thorne, I am self taught filmmaker who established the socially engaged production studio Studio Bokehgo, in 2015. In that time me and my small (but brilliant) team have made thousands of films, all for causes that we believe in and that we feel are making the world a better place. 


Film for me is about curiosity - exploring the world and creating platforms for stories that matter to be told. And through this exploration, I have met people, and discovered things I would have never otherwise encountered. Cinema helps me navigate this world, and I then try and share these findings with the world through the lens of my camera, in the hope of building bridges of kindness, compassion and understanding between people.


Despite making a great many films, I have always been ‘outside’ of the established screen industry, I have not been to film school and have not had opportunities within the screen industry as such. So I have determinedly created my own path and community of film - developing strong collaborations with unstoppable filmmakers and artists - the ones who work tirelessly to make artworks of beauty, originality and integrity. And when I find people of like minds, it inspires great projects.


I am very experienced as a director, cinematographer and editor, and have self-produced most of my own films. So with that I wish to be fully transparent - I am not your usual producer - but I am fired up about making cinema that pushes the boundaries of this beautiful medium. And so, for this year’s BFI Short Film Fund I am looking to find collaborators that I can work as a Producer with to make extraordinary films happen.The type of films that really feel important for this world. And I hope to foster relationship with cinematic artists that could last a long time.


I am really encouraging ‘outsider’ filmmakers, directors, writers to get in touch with those projects they really must make happen. I want to see stories that are full of hope, inspiration and cinematic ambition. I want to hear from those who are pushing this medium in wonderful and daring ways. I am very interested in artistic, emotional, human, compassionate, witty stories that want to immerse in the fabric of visual storytelling.


If any of this resonates with you, please do get in touch - my email is or I can be found on a lot of social media as @bokehgo. I am really keen to connect and make exciting things happen, whether on this particular film fund or beyond.


I am based in the North of England in Yorkshire, so geographically that is logistically quite helpful if you are a northern filmmaker, though I am also keen to connect with collaborators across the country.


Look forward to hearing from you,



"My interpretation of a producer is that you are a catalyst to making a film happen. You need to be fluid in your approach, but extremely determined, as you pull together the building blocks for making something incredible. To produce a film is to believe in a project from start to finish, and to know that this story needs to be told." 


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