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Bokehgo is not a charity. However, that does not prevent us from doing charitable and important work. The decision to not be a charity is one that allows us more flexibility in how we can work with important causes in a world that doesn't always make sense. We are guided by our ethics and moral principle guidelines found here:

Bokehgo gives accessible pricing to anyone with a story that needs to be told, and will especially waiver fees for those with no possibility to pay otherwise. This can be a tightrope of morals, as we always believe in the causes, however, we also mentor and coach so many on how to not devalue themselves and their creative expertise. Speaking from the heart, as the director of Bokehgo, I can admit in younger days to putting my own health and risk in a blaze way for something that has fired up my beliefs. However, as the studio has grown, I have realised the wider responsibility I have to sustainibility and growth for Bokehgo. Afterall, if we are not telling the stories to justice and and to the best we can, then we are letting down those stories.

If you believe in the stories Bokehgo tells, and the people it impacts upon, you can help us. We alsways strive to keep costs very low, and put a large amount of profit back into causes we believe in. If you would like to donate to Bokehgo and help us to tell stories to full potential, we would always appreciate your help.

We will be clear. We are sustainable. We work to ensure that. Any donation would be to compliment the work we can do, and we can share with you the impact your donation has had. Your donation may allow us to make a film that an organisation could totally have not afforded, or at least subsidise it. You may make a general donation which we will disseminate across a number of our charities. Any donation you make will be a gift to the charities and good causes we support, and any donation will be met with a breakdown of how the finances were utilised.

Again, we must state that Bokehgo is not a charity and is not a non-for-profit business. However, we are trying to redefine the model of what a business can be and the social impact it can have.

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