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The Story of bokehgo


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BOKEHGO is an independent artistisan film, photography and publicity studio with a remit of empowering ethical, creative and inspiring organisations, individuals, and initiatives, by shining a spotlight on them and bringing to surface the voice that makes them unique. We are here to tell the stories that deserve to be told.


BOKEHGO looks beyond the camera, to the social engagement and interactivity that exists beyond the silver screen and works to establish platforms that can see ongoing community development and growth. BOKEHGO is a catalyst to unlock the potential within so many people, and to share that potential far and wide.


STUDIO BOKEHGO works with charities, social enterprises, independent business, artists and individuals, and always pursues to get under the surface of any subject to discover the true beating heart within.




John Slemensek is the director and core filmmaker and photographer for Studio Bokehgo. I have 12 years experience working within the art of creative storytelling and have worked within various marketing and social media management roles, including Marketing Director for British Dodgeball, the National Governing Body for the sport of dodgeball for 2 years, and Social Media Marketing Manager for East Street Arts for 1 year. My creative and marketing backgrounds inform all that I create, allowing for dynamic and unique films and photography that are underpinned by marketing understanding.

As Bokehgo, I continuously work to tell stories in innovative and exciting ways, but ever in touch with a very core honest human feel.





The ongoing working legacy of BOKEHGO is driven by a number of fundamental principles.


BOKEHGO believes in the empowerment of individuals and groups to help them on their journey to positive impact in this world, whether large or small. The way we can help empower is through telling stories with integrity and  commitment to quality. BOKEHGO provides a window into the stories that matter with the goal of showcasing what makes that story important.

BOKEHGO will always bring a determination to bring powerful and visionary cinematography to any film we commit to. We tell stories using the tools of our visual language, and the camera is the vessel to showcase the beauty, the intimacy, the emotional and so much more. To any film or photoshoot we commit to, we bring an artisan approach ever seeking to create the most visually compelling ways to tell your story. This process runs from initial concept - to filming - to editing - to the final production.

BOKEHGO looks to strengthen communities, physically and digitally, with the film elemenets creating opportunity for social engagement. We look to catalyse community cohesion in the methods of creating the film, from welcoming contribution, through to going above and beyond to include the people, places and components that make the story, through to bringing people together via the experiencing of the story. We believe in uniting people, and welcoming all to share in dialogue, understanding and educational around the subjects we explore.

BOKEHGO believes in supporting all people who feature on our films to emanate their very best selves. We will always invest the time and communication necessary to ensure all people welcomed to feature within a film, feel calm, respected and understood. We do not press that record button until the person on the other side is happy, and we apply this principle to everyone, from vulnerable adults to children to anyone. We want people to be as comfortable as possible, and it is crucial to the integrity of storytelling.

BOKEHGO is also aware of our responsibility to time. We believe that film and photography creates documents of our social history, and aim that with every click of the shutter, that we are creating a piece of history, for you and your wider context, for the legacy of your section of the world.

These are the guiding principles of how we work. Some of these elements might seem abstract to your specific project, depending on what elements are necessary to make the film, though we feel it important to share the principles that ground us as a studio, and that we apply where relevant.

As a Studio, we have an integrity to ourselves in that we believe in film and photography as wonderful, and accessible artforms that give a gateway into narrative and our exploration of time. We have a principle in that we only work with projects we deem as trying to make a positive impact in the world. This can include charities, social enterprises, independent businesses, larger business running social and community initiatives, individuals doing exciting initiatives and so much more. We want to tell stories, and we are not looking for one type of story. All we want is for that story to be well intentioned in its positive impact, and then we are onboard and excited to help shine a spotlight on you.




BOKEHGO is very proud to have worked with a huge variety of incredible people and organisations including:








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