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Something massive is happening to the world as we know it. The impact of this will have reverberations for the rest of our lives. It is a time of worry, but also, perhaps optimism. We are experiencing a great equalizer as the world shares in a similar crisis, albeit different for many through circumstance. But never have we felt more aware of how we are on this planet. It truly is a time to question how we, and our societies (locally and globally) exist. The world economy is on unstable ground, as people lose jobs, and money has stopped in so many industries. Access to food has become a worry, and we all step forward together into the great unknown.


One thing we perhaps can all do at this point is reflect. To look inwards and introspectively at this moment, and to document it in a way that allows us to remember.


I appreciate this time may be too worrying and stressful for you to consider this at the moment, but perhaps in the future. What I would like us to achieve at this point is to give a platform to all of our voices. To host the world as we share in something that potentially could really bring us together. Humanity as we know it is a fragile thing, and recovery will be a massive step. Let's consider how we do that.


I want to invite filmmakers, photographers, artists, poets, storytellers, writers, musicians, philosophers, scientists and more to contribute to this document. The outcome, I have no idea, perhaps a film, perhaps a book, perhaps an exhibition, perhaps a website, perhaps an archive. The important thing is for us to unite in this moment and to document it.


We are people who, whether by choice, or by a feeling of obligation, explore, communicate and try to represent the world we live in. We question the norm, bring the intangible into the physical, and draw inspiration from the frequencies beyond normal perception.


Some describe this time as the apocalypse, others look at it as a chance to breathe and think around our existence. The politics and cold hard realities around finance, health and living can be scary, but some people are looking at the positives, of how we are a world now link together, how our communities can help and support in each other, how the earth has a short pause to benefit from a lack of pollution and human impact, how we on an individual level can spend time in close proximity with loved ones and how we can have a time to think, reflect and be creative. How will we step forward from this? Will we return to the same routines, on an individual and global level, or will we move forward with new awarenesses, appreciations, hopes, and needs? The world will never be the same, and perhaps, by bringing together our collective voice, we can help shape that.


I would like you to communicate with me, in whatever way you feel appropriate, write, draw, make music, art, film, photography. Be creative as you feel you want. I can't tell you the outcome yet, but what I am looking for is to tell the world story of this moment in time. Because it feels important. Really important.


I am going to reach out to my network of artists, thinkers, and generally extraordinary people, and, please do share this with yours too. I would like this to be a catalyst for creativity and hope at such a bizarre and extraordinary time in our lives.


And hopefully this project will give you a platform to feel heard, in your hurt, worry, hopes, and determinations.


I am one of the many hundreds of thousands of artists who have worked for a long time to be self sustained in my artistic practice, and saw all my work disappear overnight. These are hard times, and it is with hope, positivity and determination (as we are all so good at to have got to where we are already), that we can move forward. I invite you to this project with the hope it will keep you creative and determined. I hope you all keep safe and well, and would love to hear from you, and feel our collective voice still loud despite us all being 'locked away' from the outside world and each other.


If you do want to be involved in this worldwide project, the platform is all yours, send me whatever you feel you want to. It could be an illustration, a video diary, a film you make, writing, a poem, a journal extract, feelings, notes on what is happening, thoughts, self portraits, anything. This is open to you. Should this project result in any public exhibition of any sorts, I will ensure your absolute permission and consent beforehand. Please email to


Thank you, and never forget, we are connected.

John Slemensek,


Studio Bokehgo

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