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The lens of people



If you have spoken to us, or seen most things we put out, you will have seen us talking about being a 'socially engaged film and photography studio'. So what does that actually mean?

Bokehgo is driven by the stories of our world and the lives that inhabit it.  We believe in dialogue and shared interaction, in respecting and listening, and sharing with respect. We are not naive, there is a lot of bad in this world. We refuse to ignore it or listen to biased media incited by hate and division. We believe that to unite people it comes from the bottom up. It comes from understanding and communication. It is an easy trap to fall into that just because  you don't agree with someones opinion on one subject, that you are against them entirely. People can be wrong, misguided, naive, egosentric, insensitive, unaware. The counter to this - not isolation, but inclusion, our communities should not outcast and remove, but embrace and share. Division does not change the world, unity does.

Sometimes people need to fight for their rights, and for freedom, and sometimes it can be built with care. We are not the changemakers, but we give the microphone to the changemakers. We give them a platform. We give a platform to people to feel like they are valued and have a place in this world. It's time to stop pushing people into shadows, but listen with the respect any human deserves.

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